Aug 12 2019

Safety aspects of the FirePASS concept

Oxygen reduction fire prevention concept of the FirePASS Group has been proven to be absolutely safe for human beings occupying protected areas, even in a case of complete failu...

Dec 27 2018

Worldwide focus on installations

FirePASS has been focusing its operations on installations in United States, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan as well as Russia, Australia, Portugal, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Africa.

Oct 18 2017

Grand Prix for the most innovative technology

FirePASS proudly announces that we have received Grand Prix for the most innovative technology at the Technological trade show For Arch 2017 in Prague where our local dealer pre...

Sep 14 2016

ING Bank Data Center going down

Usage of conventional fire suppression systems in Data Centers is not acceptable since they can only deploy after fire starts and in many cases provide even more damage to the e...