Safety aspects of the FirePASS concept

12 August 2019

Safety aspects of the FirePASS concept

Oxygen reduction fire prevention concept of the FirePASS Group has been proven to be absolutely safe for human beings occupying protected areas, even in a case of complete failure of sensors and/or controller, as the introduced medium is breathable oxygen-reduced air.

This cannot be applied to nitrogen injection systems that inject nitrogen, which may cause fatal accidents.

No risks for human health

We have many installations in archives and museums, datacenters, substations and warehouses where people can work without any risks to their health. Moreover, it has been proved by multiple research studies that implementation of hypoxic conditions can improve overall health and boost immunity, stimulate metabolism, decrease oxidative stress from Free Radicals and increase production of Human Growth Hormone. Hypoxic exposure can also enhance production and rejuvenation of mitochondria and mitochondrial enzymes, allowing more efficient use of oxygen for energy production and superior enzymatic anti-oxidative defense.

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