How FirePASS oxygen reduction fire prevention systems work

How FirePASS oxygen reduction fire prevention systems work

  • Ambient air is drawn into the hypoxic generator where it is purified and turned hypoxic (low oxygen level).
  • The entire room is ventilated with low oxygen air, inhibiting fire ignition.
  • Low oxygen air leaks from the room, thus completing the flow of air and ventilating the space.
  • A control unit monitoring the room with oxygen-sensors permanently ensures a stable and healthy low oxygen environment in the room.

Patented Hypoxic (low oxygen) Venting Technology

FirePASS is the inventor and patent holder of this unique Hypoxic Venting Technology, which assures you that you are using the original and safest system available on the market. This technology is protected by the United States Patents - US 5,799,652; 5,887,439; 6,314,754; 6,334,315; 6, 401,487; 6,418,752; 6,502,421; 6,557,374; 6,560,991; 7,207,392; 7,900,709; 7,931,733; US RE 40,065; 8,141,649; 8,736,712 as well as by the European Patents under EP 1 274 490 and other world patents.

Demonstration video of FirePASS technology

Demonstration video of how a low-oxygen (hypoxic) breathable atmosphere inside a human-occupied environment will completely prevent both ignition and combustion, thus eliminating the hazard of fires even starting.


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