Specification Questionnaire

Specification Questionnaire

  • This questionnaire is a checklist to require the needed information from customers to enable FirePASS to design capacity and performance of FirePASS Hypoxic Air Prevention Systems properly and matching the specific project needs and demands best. Therefore please answer accurately and as completely as feasible. Answering points 1. and 2. is mandatory for any quotation.
  • The information provided herein given to FirePASS is the bases for the respective FirePASS Quotation. For any missing information FirePASS engineers will have to define assumptions which will be made part of the quotation.


Responsible project manager

1. Number and size of rooms (m/ft; width x depth x height)

2. Leakage rate


  • The portion of room volume lost per day by in- and outward leakage is the key figure for the adequate system design. We therefore suggest conducting a room integrity test (in accordance with BS EN13829-A, NT VVS 118 (1197), CIBSE TM 23 and ASTM E 779-99).
  • For a first indicative offer we may work with a description of the building *kind of made, material etc.) assuming a leakage rate based on the same.

3. Air-cooling system


  • FirePASS hypoxic Air Prevention Systems only work with split-type air-cooling systems or dedicated, closed air recirculation systems!

4. Purpose and content of rooms

E.g. server room, warehouse for goods/type of goods, archive for files, control room, etc.; amount of volume permanently occupied by stored goods/installments; regular in- and outtake of goods; temporarily or permanently occupied etc.

5. Machineroom

6. Control Unit