Tall Buildings fire protection

Tall Buildings fire protection

Tall Buildings fire protection

Fire prevention systems for tall buildings.

Super-structures of the future will be centers of dwelling, commerce and culture but these buildings face one fatal flaw…FIRE! Currently, there is no adequate means of fire protection available for today’s tall buildings turning these modern marvels into deathtraps for thousands. The hazard posed by fire and terrorism prevents us from realizing our lofty potential. Today, FirePASS technology offers a bridge between the towers of our dreams to reality of tomorrow.

By incorporating FirePASS into the building’s HVAC systems, we can create fire preventive atmospheres throught even the largest structures. Moreover, by employing special filters and maintaining the a slightly positive air pressure in the building, a FirePASS protected building will also greatly diminish inhabitant’s risk of exposure to biological or chemical agents in the case of a terrorist attack.


  • Is the ONLY fire protection method that can prevent catastrophic fire disasters
  • Can be scaled to protect even the largest super-structures
  • Is integrated as part of building’s HVAC system
  • Offers protection against fire caused by terrorist explosions
  • Offers additional safety by turning entire buildings into bio/chem safehouses

In the aftermath of the WTC tragedy, FirePASS Corp. was invited to present FirePASS technology to the “C.I.B. Taskgroup on Tall Buildings”

FirePASS: the only solution for tomorrow’s

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