FirePASS Concept

FirePASS Concept

The invention of FirePASS® is based on a discovery made during research conducted in the Hypoxic Room System manufactured by Hypoxico Inc. ( in New York. It was discovered that the processes of ignition and combustion in a normobaric, hypoxic (low oxygen level) environment are far different from the ignition and combustion process that occurs in a hypobaric natural altitude environment with the same partial pressure of oxygen (ie up a mountain). More FirePASS Science

Oxyreduct air for fire protection

A FirePASS® oxyreduct environment is established by ventilating a room with so-called hypoxic, i.e. oxygen-reduced, air. Oxyreduct air is produced by partly filtering out oxygen from ambient atmospheric air, thus typically reducing the oxygen content to 15%, compared to the normal amount of 20.9%. This low oxygen level corresponds to the partial pressure of oxygen at an altitude of around 2.700m (9.000ft). More about oxyreduct fire prevention

Oxygen reduction for fire suppression

FirePASS®, used in suppression mode, operates in a fashion similar to other inert gas total flooding systems with the goal being to reduce the O2 content of the protected space to the requisite combustion inhibition level. The FirePASS-Suppression system has the ability to extinguish all class A, class B and class C fires while offering added defense against re-ignition even in deep-seated fires. This is all done with a level of respiratory safety unmatched by other systems. More about oxygen reduction fire suppression.


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