Oxyreduct fire prevention rapidly becoming industry standard

29 July 2020

Oxyreduct fire prevention rapidly becoming industry standard


Ever since the amazing property of breathable oxyreduct air to suppress ignition and fire was discovered in 1998 in the U.S.A. by Russian scientist and engineer Igor (Gary) Kotliar, it has rapidly grown into becoming todays industry standard. With over 100.000 oxyreduct installations worldwide FirePASS has changed the way the industry now aproaches fire prevention. Acknowledging the many benefits to protect valuable artifacts, data storages and higly flamable closed enviroments.

Licensees of FirePASS technology

Not only did FirePASS develop a complete line of oxyreduct systems, the technology was also licensed to Boeing, Honeywell and Wagner who are using the oxyreduct technology in their fire prevention systems. 

Oxyreduct fire prevention benefits

Oxyreduct air provide certainty of avoiding the outbreak and spread of fire, thus retaining access to protected areas at any time. Proactive and permanent fire protection secures business processes and valuable goods.

Protecting multiple hazards with just one oxyreduct system. Fire protection without any interruption - no refilling or replacement needed. Oxyreduct air is absolutely safe for human beings through using breathable air

  • No nitrogen injection
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No chemicals used

Oxyreduct systems are easy to install and maintain and have a very small footprint and little building space is required. It's scalable to any size of protected areas and number of protected compartments.

  • No design limitations
  • No damages by fire, released water, foam or other extinguishing agents
  • No excessive piping, no nozzles, no pressurized cylinders, no leaking
  • No false discharges , no discharge failures, no loss of work time , no interruptions working processes, no consequential costs
  • No disruption of working processes, no consequential costs, no closing of unusable areas due to fire damages, clean-up or repair