Fire destroyed Data Center in France

9 April 2021

Fire destroyed Data Center in France

At 00:47 on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, a fire broke out in a room in one of our 4 datacenters in Strasbourg, SBG2. Firefighters immediately intervened to prevent the spread of the fire by using, as usual, a lot of water…

As a result, the fire destroyed OVH’s SBG2 data center completely and four rooms in SBG1, according to an incident report on the company's website. UPS was down in the SBG3 facility, and the remaining SBG4 data center had "no physical impact." 

Many customers of OVH, the largest Europe-native cloud provider, complained on Twitter about downed websites and applications hosted at the campus in Eastern France. Some appeared to not have disaster recovery plans or backup sites.

Among cloud providers that aren’t the big three (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud), OVH is one of the more popular ones. Just two days ago the company said it had started the process for a potential public listing in Paris.

FirePASS's fire protection

It’s simply amazing that some data center owners save money on a real, 100% guaranteed, fire protection that can be provided by the Oxygen Reduction System based on the unique FirePASS technology. Especially that the cost of the system is much less than they loose just in one day being down.

FirePASS's data center fire protection, which utilizes FirePASS Oxygen Reduction System, can provide permanent fire protection in any data center no matter how big it is. Most important is that it provides absolutely clean and safe environment for people that work inside.