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Control unit for FirePASS® oxygen reduction fire prevention systems

The control unit has a user-friendly touch screen for easy programming and settings, protected by passwords to provide various levels of security. The touch screen will be installed in the generator metal cabinet jointly with the control unit. It may be optionally installed in a separate small metal cabinet and located remotely. The control unit shows and tracks all alarms and warnings and stores the system performance data over a period of time of more than one year, including the regularly tracked O2-levels measured by the oxygen monitoring units. The data can be written to a USB drive and transmitted to a computer for analysis. See below example of the main screen of the control unit touch panel interface. Additional functionalities can be supplied upon request.

The control unit may be enabled to communicate with a building management system installed on site by Modbus TCPIP protocol via standard Ethernet cable. Alternatively, the system can be upgraded to be monitored and controlled from any PC via a web- browser based interface. The control unit will be equipped with a UPS (hold-time 24 hours) that supplies the control unit and the touch panel as well as the oxygen monitors and the BMS interface. This will keep all monitoring and alarming functionalities working even in the event of mains power failure.