FirePASS oxyreduct fire prevention system

Oxygen reduction fire protection system

Oxygen reduction fire protection system

Fire protection through ventilating a room with oxyreduct air, so fire can't start

Oxygen reduction fire protection

The inventors of oxygen reduction fire prevention

FirePASS® Corporation was established in 2001 in New York U.S.A. after the phenomenon of ignition suppression in breathable hypoxic atmosphere was discovered and patented.

Former Licensees of FirePASS technology:

Boeing licensee of FirePASS

Honeywell licensee of FirePASS

Wagner Group licensee of FirePASS

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Apr 22 2024

FirePASS wins a contract for an Archive in Haag

FirePASS proudly announces the winning of a contract for protection of an important Archive in Haag, Netherlands, using our advanced Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention System. The...

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